Fast Meridian Range of Comprehensive Services

Fast Meridian Sdn. Bhd is a established Shipping & Forwarding Co. Our team comprises of experienced personnel with extensive knowledge pertaining to various shipping sectors, and they have the expertise to handle all types of vessels calling Penang Harbour and to meet our clients specific needs.With our extensive track record, we have the capability to meet the needs of our customers looking for better quality products and services.

FM has the resources and personnel to tow virtually anything safely and expeditiously, attend to ships in distress, towing of container barges, offshore towing operations, assist in construction projects, transportation of machineries and towing of barges laden with cargo. Some of the cargoes our tugs have towed include Petroleum coke, Clinker, Gypsum, Coal and other balk cargo transportation of steel pipes.

FM has domestic liner service and also within the South East Asian Region mainly Indonesia and Thailand. At present our fleet comprises of 5 tugs and 3 barges built to GLís and Bureau Veritas Register Class acquired as the answer to providing new levels of efficiency and economy in Marine Transportation.

Business Activities

As Malaysia forges ahead with it people into the 21st century, business entities have to be just as prepared to be undertake the challenges of the new millennium.

Companies too have to be progressive, forward thinking and innovative. They have to be resilient, highly competitive and to be able to have a global mindset FAST MERIDIAN is no exception.

The company has already set the ground towards developing and enhancing its internal and external resources, in order to strategically position itself as reputable and reliable player in the Malaysian market.

Our long standing reputation and commitment to excellence has made us broaden our horizons. We have been offered several opportunities in the various fields. Besides acting as a Shipping Agency we are now into other projects.

As a company that started off as a Shipping Agency, FAST MERIDIAN has set and will realize its vision of being a major player in strategic alliances in the future to come.

Naval Support Services
Tug Boat Services
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